1 month and 13 days..

That's the period I has been in my new and current job. So far, it's been an ups and downs journey tho. Nevertheless that's what's all about working with salary rather than self own profit.

As usual, when it comes to introduction session, people usual ask about my name. It's always the same routine for any place that I went to work for. Yet, I'm proud to did this usual routine. It's like an opener for others and open a way to start a conversation. Thanks for my parents to choose this name and I will never ever let them down. InsyaALLAH....

There'll be much more task, hardness, and many things to come in the future for me in this new place. Much more to learn before I'm prepared enough to be an excellent leader in the future. The prospect is here and I shall grab as much as I can. People have known my name, the next step is to make them ratify and respect it more. Hopefully they'll not only know my name but with it goes along a positive and WOW factor that makes people will never forget about it.



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